My Reiki Journey
I first heard of Reiki in the 1970s. I was fortunate enough to be living in a state that had a traditional Reiki Master. It was known that there was much esoteric information involved, that at some point the Master would have to invite me to proceed further, and that the cost would be high. All these facts were confirmed when I was told that Reiki I was offered over a six month period, the charge was $1000 and it must be paid upfront. Reiki II would take another year or two and that was $5000. Minimum wage was around $3 at the time, Reiki would be out of my reach for a few more years.

In 1987 I was diagnosed with an immune system disorder that left me bed-ridden. The medical community felt it was untreatable, and again I contacted a Reiki Master.

Same story as before, Reiki II would only be $2,500, and again out of my reach. I reasoned that it was not meant to be, and turned to Oriental medicine and energy work for my healing.

In 1994 I was guided to move 1500 miles and found myself living in the same town as Diane Stein, who had just written Essential Reiki, who felt that this incredible gift should be available to all, and who showed me Miracles DO happen…

and I’ve been teaching and healing ever since.

If you, too are interested in experiencing miracles and empowering yourself I would be honored to share the journey with you.

In Gratitude,

Karen Silverman

Reiki Master

Life Coach and Author
Carol Stansfield